Find The Right Printing And Fulfillment Services Partner

When your business depends on getting printed materials into the hands of potential buyers you may choose to work with a company that specializes in printing and fulfillment services. This means that they have the ability to prepare, print, and distribute your materials without the need for you to manage each step. Finding a vendor who can handle each part of the process well can be tricky, but outsourcing all the steps of preparation and distribution can be a cost-effective way to market. While you retain control over the look and content of the materials that are sent out, you entrust the details of delivery to the fulfillment company.

Why Use Printing And Fulfillment Services?

The beauty of using the printing and fulfillment service is that once your materials are ready to print, the company will take the next step of handling the mail or distribution. This saves you in transportation, storage, packing, and handling costs, as the vendor manages everything. Once the mailing or distribution phase is complete, you get a report that shows how many pieces were distributed less any returned or undeliverable items.

Print fulfillment is widely used in direct-mail programs, and it is a popular way for insurance companies to get enrollment materials to new sign-ups, for event planners to have seminar materials on hand, and for franchisors to deliver training and advertising materials to their stores. No matter what the size of your company, you might benefit from dealing with a one-stop shopping approach to preparation and distribution.

What Should You Look For In An Ideal Vendor?

What should you look for in a printing and fulfillment vendor? Before anything else, the vendor must be a firm you want to partner with, as you are entrusting the image of your company to them. Whether you want advertising flyers, glossy brochures, or something in between, you should see appropriate samples of the company’s work to verify the quality. Aside from talking to them and reviewing their marketing materials, get references from companies that have used their services.

Here are a few things you should check out before committing to a service.

• What type of printing capabilities do they have? Will they use digital printing solutions or offset printing techniques?
• Do they have the design team and software to ensure that they can take your materials from concept to print?
• What quality measures do they have in place to ensure that each printed piece will look the same?
• What type of finishing services, such as binding, die cutting, and packaging do they offer?
• Do they have state-of-the-art barcoding and scanning technology to assure accurate delivery and distribution?
• What type of reports will they provide you with?
• While quality is a major concern, how will they save you money?

When you are looking for printing and fulfillment services that can take you through design, pre-press, printing, and distribution, consider Regal Press Canada. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, we are the reliable quality vendor you want to partner with. For more information, visit our website or email us.

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