For High Volume Jobs, Consider Lithographic Printing In Mississauga

Digital printing is a common way to produce quantities of printed material with a short turnaround and low cost. However, the largest volume of output is still produced by lithographic printing. In Mississauga, Regal Press offers both processes, and each pose distinctive advantages.

How Lithography Developed

Originally, when lithography was developed in 1798, the artist created an image on limestone, which was transferred to paper when pressure was exerted on the stone. While this process was used for a limited number of numbered, signed prints, the stone could make a virtually unlimited number of copies. In the 20th century, new techniques have replaced this early methodology for art prints.

Meanwhile, by 1825, lithography became popular for commercial printing. Early methods used stone, with the different one for each color. The next generation of lithograph printing used flatbed presses with rubber offset rollers to print high quality, fairly detailed impressions on metal and finally on paper by 1900. Now, flexible aluminum, polyester, mylar, or paper printing plates are affixed to the rubber cylinder to replace the stone plates.

Lithography Still The Way To Go For High Volume Jobs

Currently, the process is used to print on a variety of media, and using modern high-speed rotary offset presses is the way that high-volume commercial printing for maps, posters, billboards, calendars, greeting cards, letterhead, booklets, books, magazines, newspapers, stamps, packaging, and labels are printed. The technology of lithographic printing has remained fairly consistent over the years, it continues to be the printing method for more than 40% of high-volume printing jobs.

For quantities under 500 pieces, newer methods such as digital printing have made inroads in the market. Digital printing applies ink to a document or graphic image from its ink heads without needing a plate and produces cheap, fast output. It is easy to print a sample to verify it for accuracy before printing the rest of the job. The process is also compatible with personalization, which enables you to customize different parts of the run, or to personalize printouts with name and address data. Digital printing uses a four color process with color matching that simulates color adequately for most jobs.

Why Lithography Still Beats Digital For Many Jobs

Litho printing retains its hold on the market for several important reasons:

• Despite the expense of having to make a plate, it still offers a cost advantage for large jobs.
• The process can be used on paper, leather and a wide range of media.
• It can be used for output of any size.
• It can produce output in a wider range of vibrant, accurate color using the PMS color palette or the Pantone matching systems.
• It allows for special finishing such as spot varnishing.
• Since inks are fully absorbed in the paper, the output is less susceptible to cracking when folded.
• The output is considered to be higher-quality.

Contact Regal For Digital And Lithography Printing In Mississauga

When you needing printing, contact Regal Press. We offer the most cost-effective digital printing and lithography printing in Mississauga. After evaluating your job, we will offer you a comparison between having the job done with digital or traditional printing and even show you samples of both processes. Whichever you choose, we stand behind our quality. Contact us at 905-238-8005 or check our website for information.

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