It's a good idea to make sure your ideas can work in the print production process. There are a lot of issues from layout to paper stock to finishing that affect how your design impacts production and they can vary depending on whether you are printing offset or digital.

In order to start right, build once and save time and money, we recommend that you talk to us first. Describe the concept and we can resolve any issues early in the process.

A Basic Checklist (Keeps everything on time and on budget)

  • Make sure the fonts accompany the files.
  • Make sure the fonts are linked.
  • Check to make sure the images are high resolution for printing.
  • Check to ensure that all bleeds are in place.
  • Double check the mechanical art, for example: ensure that glue flaps are in the right position.

Advanced Checklist (For more complex jobs)

  • Check the scoring especially for digital printing to avoid cracking and other issues.
  • When developing complex pieces i.e. with special dies, folds or gluing requirements, consider the paper stock selected and the need to maintain structural integrity of the stock when high speed automated folding and gluing are involved.
  • Double check the die requirements to ensure the die line is accurate and works in the production environment.

These are just a few ideas that we hope will help bring your creative vision to reality in the production environment. When you talk to us first, together we can design for success.




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